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On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 14:03, Matt Mihaly wrote:

> Sure, I agree that mage describes someone who spends most of his
> time learning magic, and magic is his main ability. My mage in my
> (theoretical) game uses his magic to conjure up some magical plate
> armour and summon up the fantasy equivalent of a lightsabre, and
> then fights with that.

I think the important point is that a mage may have different
capabilities depending on what magic they spend their time
learning. You could have a mage that has no defensive spells because
they only wanted to learn long range, army-devastating,
total-destruction spells, ala tactical nukes or air strikes.  A
different mage could spend their time practicing spells centered on
their own personal survival in hostile environments, like teleport,
lots of shield spells, invisibility, and maybe a close range attack
spell.  The first would be able to take on whole armies at a
distance, but a single stray arrow could mortally wound them, while
the second could wade into the center of an opposing army and come
out alive having killed only a few already injured foot soldiers.
Both rely only on their magic and intelligence to survive.

> I recall Gandalf going toe-to-toe with a Balrog.

Another good reference that really sticks in my mind is Allanon from
the Shannara series by Terry Brooks.  He (and actually Walker Boh
too in the later books) uses his magic while fighting hand-to-hand,
throwing up defensive shields or attacking with magical fire while
trying not to get hit by claws and teeth.  Both characters are
portrayed as physically strong, perhaps in order to handle the
magic, or a result of their training, or due to magical enhancement
of their bodies, I don't recall the exact reason.

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