[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

Fred Clift fred at clift.org
Thu Jun 13 10:13:50 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Acius wrote:

> I have given a good deal of thought to this. We work as hard as we
> can to make our games "addictive," then expect people to "act
> responsibly" in how much they play. What does addictive mean,
> then?

I realize that you use the term "addictive", with quotes, somewhat
innocently, but I'd like t point out that this is not really true.
This is a semantics argument and not a "what I do with my games"
argument.  I try to make fun games that people will want to play
again.  In fact, if I see a flaw in the game that I think makes is
unfun, I try and fix it.  This is far far different from addiction -
addiction suggests that a person has behaviors he or she cannot
control.  I personally absoultely DO NOT want my game to addict
people - I want them to have fun, and to come back and play more,
but that is different from addiction.

(I know this is really not the topic of the thread, but I wanted to
raise this semantic issue.)

I've seen muds where a player can choose to lock themselves out for
a period of time - ie "Please freeze my account for the next 6 days
as I know that I should be sudying for finals and I know my
willpower is weak" - of course this is a great excuse to make a new
character to play for a while since the old one is inaccessable

Fred (who took 6.5 years to get a masters degree in graduate school
for some unexplained reason *cough* *cough* - well, I _was_ working
full time most of that time too)

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