[MUD-Dev] Re: The Future of MMOGs... what's next?

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From: "John Robert Arras" <johna at wam.umd.edu>

> Most MUDs don't let any old person have the ability to create any
> kind of content from the get-go. There is usually a period where
> trust is built up and the person gets more and more abilities as
> they are deemed trustworthy and competent. I doubt that a giant
> MUD could just allow anyone to build any old thing and connect it
> to the main world without seriously checking things first. I don't
> see how to get around this problem without essentially hiring
> players to do the checking through a voting or player review
> process.

Well, my article did allow for a level of culpability.  Only
communities could create content, not individual players, thus
mandating that there *are* certain people responsible for what is
created, not to mention the costs associated with creating a module
being a further deterrence to abuse.  Tools to check xp levels,
items, and other resources from players leaving a player crafted
module could very easily place the spotlight on those scenarios that
are potentially causing issues, and thus give the Admin staff the
ability to maintain game integrity.  Furthermore, other preventive
measures on what a character can effectively "gain" from player
crafted modules could also ensure a level of integrity within the
game's general world parameters, as I mentioned in previous replies.

In the end, the only limitations are on what the game developers
perceive as being within acceptable limits for player crafted
modules.  Once that has been determined making certain that those
parameters are maintained should not be a terribly difficult
process. There is, after all, a very defined difference between the
player crafted portions of the game and the general game's world,
which allows developers to use their reentry into the world to check
over for abuses, much as the NWN Vault does with characters. Simple

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