[MUD-Dev] Ownership

Koster Koster
Thu Jun 13 19:59:58 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Matt Mihaly
> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002, Koster, Raph wrote:
>> That said, most people can't come up with the sentence "eyes the
>> pale, near-luminous green of new spring leaves under a late
>> frost." Text muds privilege people who are good
>> writers. Graphical muds enable people who aren't to participate
>> without getting laughed at.
> Posted 06/15/2002 on RandomFanboyBoard:

>   "Today, on some snooty mailing list, Raph Koster, creative lead on
>   the upcoming Star Wars graphical MUD called anyone who plays with
>   graphics an illiterate idiot. He is clearly unaware of the l33t
>   nature of Clan KillEmAll on Evercrack."

Heh, shouldn't that post have gone to Meta, JCL?

<EdNote: Yup.  My bad.>

To bring it back on topic, I think it's important to realize that
there's no "superiority" of one type or the other, but rather that
different interfaces to a given experience privilege different
people based on their skills and talents. A mud played by touch
alone would surely privilege the blind.

Much of the stuff that people say they crave and fail to find in the
massively multiplayer muds is because of this, I think. Frankly,
massive graphical games do not privilege eloquence, clear
communication, or (by extension) roleplaying. Interestingly, web
boards and mailing lists do, and if your moderators work to
encourage that, you can extend that privilege to within the game to
a degree.

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