[MUD-Dev] Evolutionary Design

Madrona Tree madronatree at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 13 20:33:44 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu (Sasha Hart)

> I reckon we are dealing with different dimensions here... :) So
> what really is so strange about the Sims? Indeed, why not clones?

As MMOGs go, anyway, UO is pretty close to a Sims clone.  (But
backwards, i guess, cause UO came first)

  Using easle/piano/whatever = putting stack of quarters on F1 to
  whack the training dummy

  House decoration = house decoration

  Clothes changing = clothes changing

UO did not, however, have AI for your avatars.  Course, you only had
the one avatar.  If you had 8 avatars in UO as you do with The Sims,
people would've demanded AI.  UO also did not have original
user-created objects, which are 90% of the fun of The Sims.

I wonder if/how they'll allow user-created objects in The Sims
Online.  It would be a real shame if they didn't -- there are some
real are-teests out there.
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