[MUD-Dev] Breaking down the walls

Bruce Mitchener bruce at cubik.org
Thu Jun 13 22:42:02 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Hans-Henrik Staerfeldt wrote:

> I agree that it would be a mistake to totally discount directional
> movement, but enriching the navigation in this way may make it
> easier to navigate the world.
> If you impement that landmarks can be more than mere 'points' ,
> you could extend such a system to accept commands such as 'walk
> along road toward town' or 'follow forest edge toward river',
> using features that describe paths in the landscape will probaly
> greatly improve the navigation.

In this context, is this interesting at all:

   A city metaphor for supporting navigation in complex
   information spaces



   Navigation in Textual Virtual Environments


  - Bruce

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