[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

Rayzam rayzam at travellingbard.com
Thu Jun 13 23:25:17 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Anderson, David" <david.anderson at tfp.com>
> From: David Clifton [mailto:demosthenes810 at hotmail.com]

>> I might note, though, that in the end, it is the student spending
>> their time on the MUSH, not the MUSH intruding into the life of
>> the student.

> Yeah, I've seen people complain that muds are ruining people's
> lives.  It's the people ruining their own lives by spending too
> much time mudding.  I saw a guy at college, was spending 15 hours
> a day mudding.  Finally he quit so that he could try to pass his
> classes.  Next time I saw him, he was playing Diablo 15 hours a
> day.  Few months later he quits.  Then he was doing paintball 15
> hours a day.  It's not the mud that was ruining his college, it
> was him not having enough self control.

> The people who can't quit off to do their schoolwork, are the
> people who will have trouble, even if they're not mudding.

There's a continuum though. Many other activities have inherent time
frames that allow for sitting back, reflecting, feeling guilty,
getting something done. Watch a movie? 2 hours. Watch tv? Every half
hour or hour a show is over, and when deciding what to watch next,
you could break away and study. If you have a good immersive mud, it
doesn't have those sorts of stopping points.

Ever get a new game or book, sit down with it, and you don't notice
5 hours have passed?

So some people are going to be addicted to something or
another. Others need spaces in which they can remind themselves to
get back to work.


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