[MUD-Dev] Mudding and impact on academic grades

Rayzam rayzam at travellingbard.com
Thu Jun 13 23:33:42 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Koster, Raph" <rkoster at soe.sony.com>
> From: Rayzam
>> From: "Philip Mak" <pmak at animeglobe.com>

>>> Has anyone else thought about this? Any ideas on how to make a
>>> MUSH coexist more peacefully with its players' academic
>>> standing?

>> Have a command that can 'freeze' a character. The player sets the
>> time till unfreeze, with warnings that it won't be undone, and
>> 'Are you SURE?  (y/n)'. YMMV for a social mush, but for an RP
>> mush, I'd expect nearly the same mileage as for a hack-n-slash.

> I find it interesting that everyone is seeing the problem as being
> the MUSH or the time spent there, and nobody is suggesting "have
> study groups in the MUSH." You have a community there--leverage
> it!

Oh, we have that too. But that's for different types. On our chat
channel, often people are asking for help for various topics or
classes. We have people doing chemistry, medical courses, biology,
psychology, law, and of course tons of programmers. I've even asked
a few matrix convolution questions in my day :)

The freezing is for those things where you don't need someone to
explain something to you, but you need to read over the lecture
notes, which may not be the same for anyone else in the mud...


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