[MUD-Dev] Evolutionary Design

Koster Koster
Fri Jun 14 08:12:16 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Madrona Tree
> From: Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu (Sasha Hart)

> As MMOGs go, anyway, UO is pretty close to a Sims clone.  (But
> backwards, i guess, cause UO came first)

I was very excited about the Sims when it first came out, and I've
had long talks with Will about some of the similarities.

> UO did not, however, have AI for your avatars.  Course, you only
> had the one avatar.  If you had 8 avatars in UO as you do with The
> Sims, people would've demanded AI.  UO also did not have original
> user-created objects, which are 90% of the fun of The Sims.

Interestingly, the AI system used in The Sims is *very* similar to
the original "ecology" AI system in UO: a needs based system based
on Maslow.  The principal difference is that the Sims model uses
objects broadcasting their resources to a radius, whereas in UO AIs
had to search for resources in a radius (which was stupid).

> I wonder if/how they'll allow user-created objects in The Sims
> Online.  It would be a real shame if they didn't -- there are some
> real are-teests out there.

There's no user-created objects in the initial release of The
Sims. I believe they want to do it, but the legal/admin issues were,
uh, big.

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