[MUD-Dev] Re: IF/MUD Gameplay Ideas

Opacic Patrik di1oppa at chl.chalmers.se
Fri Jun 14 11:09:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, David Clifton wrote:
> Opacic Patrik wrote:

>> I will, in my current mud project, try to implement these
>> ideas. I got the idea of a project while playing several
>> textadventure games, or IF (interactive fiction). I imagined a
>> character being on his typical quest to save the world by finding
>> X and Y needed to slay the evil Z. Then I imagined a
>> textadventure world with more than one PC character with
>> conflicting (or shared) goals and agendas. This IF/MUD game is
>> something you would play with your friends, somewhat like d&d
>> games, over the internet or over a private network. I can not go
>> into more details as I, honestly, have not thought more about
>> it. What is your thoughts?

> Sounds like when I play Baldur's Gate 2 with friends over a
> network, but without the graphics, or were you thinking of
> something that I missed?

Perhaps, I have not played Baldur's Gate 2. Basicly you have one
quest and a world build around it, like any singleplayer adventure
game. The goal can be slightly more complex than killing someone,
e.g. you might have to raise an army and overthrow an emperor or
find a way to escape a prison. Unlike singleplayer adventures you
can not rely on one strategy in order to guarantee your success,
since there are human factors involved, i.e. human opponents with
goals conflicting with your own. The gameplay is not entirely unlike
that of a football game, it is all a matter of skill and finding the
right elaborate and systematic plan of action that has the most
striking affect, in order to reach the goal. When the quest, and as
a consequence the game, ends one can try playing it in a different
way, with different roles and such. Hopefully a good quest can be
played more than once and thereby offers a long lifetime to the
game. Anyway, that was what I had in mind.

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