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Frank Crowell frankc at maddog.com
Fri Jun 14 11:24:30 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: <ceo at grexengine.com>

> Someone recently suggested to me that the current raving about the
> Discovery System might be no more than a market-teaser to see if
> anyone out there is interested enough in the product for LithTech
> to justfiy re-opening development. Personally, I found the
> marketing bumph on the site so generic and applicable to almost
> any MMOG middleware that I too am suspicious.

Close.  Here is the lastest that I have been able to find (from
email response):

  "Discovery is one of our future products, and it represents our
  committment to support massively-multiplayer gaming within our
  product suite. Based on the recently announced Matrix Online game,
  Discovery is being built from the ground up to handle the severe
  loads of having cities full of people, indoor and outdoor
  environments, and an intricate combat system. As this is a product
  currently in development, we do not currently have anything to
  show.  Please continue to check back with us regarding updates."

A couple of other concerns includes the fact that a combat system is
going to be builtin and there is no mention of content tools and
conversion.  Previously, they had their own ABC files and as far as
I know there was no Milkshape converter for those files.  I know
that the LithTech newsgroup had published the ABC format, but I
don't know what was done after that.  ABC format only covered the
objects, I don't know if the levels were compatible with anything.
Anyone know?

The only system that is available for an eval is Jupiter but it does
not have the MMP technology.  They have offered to provide
additional information about using a 3rd party MMP technology, but I
have already done an eval from that approach and it hasn't been too


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