[MUD-Dev] Evolutionary Design

Dave Trump trump at trumps.net
Fri Jun 14 12:07:10 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

At 08:10 PM 6/13/02 -0700, Raph wrote:

>> It's been 5 years since UO proved there was real money in it, 3
>> since EQ and AC proved it wasn't a fluke.  Sure, there's some
>> true second generation products planned for release in the next
>> year, but where *is* everybody?

> Failing. Or failing to get money.

Mostly the later.  Everyone I've talked to about making a ORPG,
including other computer experts, says the same thing: Why would you
want to make a game?  The vast majority of games dont make money.

This is certainly true of the bjillions of doom/warcraft/deer hunter
clones out there.

What's worse is when you encounter a suit and tie financial type.
They hear "...GAME..." and they think "No chance to make money."
Then they hear "...play it over the INTERNET..." and they think
"Another dotbomb."  You get 2 foots in your butt as you fly out the

Remember Wombat games?  It was a company formed by 3 or 4 of the
guys from the UO team.  After about a year they folded because even
they couldnt get financed.

I certainly know everyone you'd need to turn your $3mil into a game
> DaoC or AC, but I dont know anyone with $3mil who's willing to
give it a shot.

Until the day when most of the loan agents and venture capitalist
around have played an ORPG or at least have a nefew that has, this
industry isnt going to see the explosive growth we are all waiting

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