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Jon Lambert tychomud at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jun 15 03:37:13 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Sanvean wrote:

> Does anyone have a system for bug tracking that they use on their
> mud?
> Right now we can view/delete bugs/typos/ideas through a web
> interface, and periodically I'll go through and pull stuff to send
> to people, although (in theory) everyone on staff is going through
> those every couple of weeks.  But I'd like to be able to track
> some, so I can see what bugs are getting fixed, who's following
> through on stuff, etc.

ColdCore which is a mudlib for the ColdC/Genesis server implements a
bug tracking system which is accessible both from a web interface
and inside the mud.

 You can view it at:

They have also done a little work on project level security and
automatically producing source change logs which is nice.  They also
have performance instrumentation built into the core library and
maintain a suite of regression tests.  It's probably the most
"professionally" done work I've seen in mud servers. (Other than my
own stuff of course... *splurgh*)

Now what I'd really love to see is a full-blown source (and data)
control system with all the bells and whistles along with a delivery
system that handles migration from development to QA to production,
or whatever your configuration is.  And then throw in some project
tracking software that encompasses that and links that to bug
tracking and security.  All under the covers of the mud of
course. ;-)

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