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Sun Jun 16 04:49:46 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 03:37:13AM -0400, Jon Lambert wrote:
> Sanvean wrote:
>> Does anyone have a system for bug tracking that they use on their
>> mud?

> Now what I'd really love to see is a full-blown source (and data)
> control system with all the bells and whistles along with a
> delivery system that handles migration from development to QA to
> production, or whatever your configuration is.  And then throw in
> some project tracking software that encompasses that and links
> that to bug tracking and security.  All under the covers of the
> mud of course. ;-) 

Casting about trying to find a pre-existing "server app" to test
some of the low-level parts of my MMOG engine, I had nothing MMOG
related at a sufficiently developed state; then I noticed that I had
a client/server intranet system, with bug-tracking, which had a lot
of requirements similar to those provided by the MMOG base system.

So I've spent a couple of days porting it over, and it seems to work
pretty well. I wasn't doing this in order to integrate with other
MMOG systems (although now I've partially integrated it, I might as
well finish it off :), but I would have thought there's a lot of
mileage to integrating say, Bugzilla, with an existing MUD codebase.
http://www.bugzilla.org (Mozzilla license, which I'm not familiar
enough with to know if you *can* integrate it into another app, or
even achieve such behaviour without "integration" as such).

Adam M
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