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"Brian Lindahl" <lindahlb at hotmail.com> wrote:

> For the most part you seem to delve into the techinical depth
> while completely ignoring thematic depth. I think thematic depth
> is much more entertaining than the techinical depth you are
> describing, and something that keeps getting ignored, and heavily
> ignored at that, by both MUDs and GMUDs.

I totally agree with you.  In the end, it's the theme of the game
that is the 'game'.  Designing an evolving economy, ecology, and
societal structure is not the 'end' of the game... it's just the
foundation and the 'world' in which the game is played.  However,
that foundation is extremely important as it adds meaning and
context to the thematic events that occur.  I would refer to it as
'societal' depth rather than 'technical' depth as it really has
little to do with the 'code' and everything to do with placing a
context on societal relationships within the player-base.

> Not to criticize you at all, I think its almost natural for any
> coder (I'm guessing thats what you are) to get involved in the
> technical depth of a project.

Actually, I haven't written a lick of code (outside of some Fortran
and Pascal classes in college) since I played around with BASIC on
my Apple IIe back in 1984.  My background is in business and

> I think technical depth is almost hidden to the players of the
> game, while thematic depth is always on the surface for the
> players to experience, and thus, is much more important to
> develop, especially in conjunction with the code.

The societal depth I described SHOULD be hidden to the players.
That's why the Invisible Hand is invisible.  I would argue the point
that societal depth is any less important than thematic depth as
that implies that player interaction with other players is less
important than player interaction with the content.



P.S.  Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.

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