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Derek Licciardi kressilac at insightBB.com
Sun Jun 16 10:09:35 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Ron Gabbard

>> Until the day when most of the loan agents and venture capitalist
>> around have played an ORPG or at least have a nefew that has,
>> this industry isnt going to see the explosive growth we are all
>> waiting for.

> I would argue that it's the other way around.  It's not the VCs
> that need to learn about ORPGs... it's the game designers that
> need to learn about business.  The dot com boom/bust showed that
> it takes more than advanced technology and a good idea to make a
> successful business.  A compelling business plan is much more
> important in getting money than a compelling game design document
> as the VCs are investing in a business, not a game.

This has not been our experience.  I have a business degree and the
team and I have put together a strong argument for the game.  The
investors realize this most of the time.  We have the team, the
product, the focus and the management skills to pull it off.  None
of the investors we've talked to have argued these points.  What
they argue is that they don't have the experience in the industry
and as my other post points out, choose to invest elsewhere because
their risk assessment is easier.  (this lends well to your
powergamer theory) In this respect it would seem that it is the VCs
that need to get educated about our industry and not the other way
around.  As it stands right now, they do not have the ability to
"see" the opportunity because the industry is so alien to them.

> The Japanese have a principle in doing business.  'I will sell to
> you in your language but will buy from you in my language.'  The
> same applies when dealing with VCs.  The entrepreneurial designer
> is 'selling' their project to the VC and needs to learn the VC's
> language.  That's the language of the 'suit and tie financial
> type'.  

The selling portion is the precise problem we have been having.  The
question remains, "How do we pitch a product to the uninformed that
is such an obvious opportunity to us?"  Seems like many of us
haven't been able to figure it out yet which would explain the
failing to find funding portion of Raph's reply.
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