[MUD-Dev] Evolutionary Design

John Buehler johnbue at msn.com
Sun Jun 16 19:21:43 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Ron Gabbard writes:

> VCs are life's ultimate 'power gamers' in that they optimize their
> decisions by the numbers.  That's their job.  They read business
> plans, analyze risk, and evaluate the business acumen of people
> coming to them for money.  It's a numbers game.  If they are
> presented with a good, professional business plan, a game has just
> as good a shot of getting money as any other venture.  Probably
> even better as interactive entertainment is a growth market.

> There are still a lot of NASDAQ millionaires running around with
> few investment options.  The stock market is sluggish and interest
> rates are down.  Getting money should be relatively easy.

Don't be so sure.  Many of those millionaires may well be trying to
hang onto their millions.  The bursting of the bubble was a rude
awakening to many that risk is real and you can *lose* money.  Crazy
risks was the name of the game during the late 90s, but always with
the assumption that you were going to make money hand over fist.
Then reality set in.


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