[MUD-Dev] It's About Time Department (Mule Characters)

John A. Bertoglio jb at co-laboratory.com
Mon Jun 17 21:22:29 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

The recently released RPG from Microsoft has an unusual solution to "mule"
characters. They allow you to add a real mule to your party! This the first
time I have seen this in a game. Of course, a mule uses a slot that could be
occupied by another fighter or magic user but the convience of not having to
stop quests to unload loot is worth the loss of firepower. The mule tends to
hang back in combat but has a fairly potent rear hoof kick attack (as well
as amusing animations) and high hitpoints that allow it to be fairly
self-sufficient in combat. The mule gets experience and improves its skills
with time just like any other character in the game.

The use of pack mules (or pack "anything else" animals) in muds allows for a
portable "house/locker/chest" without the persona needing to be burdened
with adventuring gear. Seems like a good idea.

John Bertoglio
(503) 781-3563
jb at co-laboratory.com

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