[MUD-Dev] Skotos & WAP Release "Grendel's Revenge" for Public Beta

Christopher Allen ChristopherA at skotos.net
Tue Jun 18 01:19:24 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

"Travis Casey" <efindel at earthlink.net>:
> Thursday, June 13, 2002, 2:35:43 PM, Christopher Allen wrote:

>> Skotos and Worlds Apart Productions have released for public beta
>> our newest game, "Monsters! Monsters!: Grendel's Revenge".

> I'd just like to say that it's very nice to see Skotos recognizing
> the game's spiritual ancestor, the original paper RPG _Monsters!
> Monsters!_ in this way.

Thanks -- I've been a fan of Monsters! Monsters! for a long time.

I can remember my first Monsters! Monsters! game where we raided the
Keep on the Borderlands (one of the first Basic D&D modules). The
way that rule system worked required approximately 100 d6, which we
used a coffee can to throw. Red dice were the monsters, blue dice
were the villagers. We rocked!

With some of the money that Flying Buffalo recieved from us to use
the trademark, we might even see a revised Monsters! Monsters! book
this year from them -- I don't think it has been in print for many

At this point we have several licenses from paper RPG companies --
Lovecraft Country from Chaosium, Paranoia from Goldberg & Costikyan,
Og from Wingnut Games, and now Monsters! Monsters! from Flying
Buffalo. So far, this is the only one where we have a game released.

It is unclear how and if there will be any cross-over good publicity
from these titles from the Paper RPG field. But they have some some
brand recognition, and that can always help a small company. I doubt
very many people will recognize Monsters! Monsters!, but maybe
Lovecraft Country will have more appeal now that TSR has licensed
Call of Cthulhu for a d20 book, so that is the product we are
working on next.

-- Christopher Allen

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