[MUD-Dev] Online gaming growth -- an introduction

Brad King brad_king at wired.com
Tue Jun 18 09:31:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Matt Mihaly

>  http://www.wired.com/news/games/0%2C2101%2C53118%2C00.html

> It's almost as if someone from Wired has been reading mud-dev and
> decided to write an article on the recent thread about the growth
> (or perceived lack thereof) in the massively multiplayer gaming
> market.

Just a quick note of introducion, my name is Brad King, and I'm the
digital entertainment reporter at Wired -- I wrote the piece on
online gaming here -- while I wasn't reading the list before, I got
a few emails from people asking me if I was on the list, so I took
the liberty of joining...

I'm on a few of these types of lists -- occassionally I'll chime in,
but one thing I never do is use anything written on a listserv in a
story (unless I obtain permission, and even then, I usually try to
conduct a separate interview)...just thought I'd throw that out
there, so as not to freak out anyone on the list (even though it's a
public forum)

and if it's not a problem, I might occassionally hit up some of you
(offlist) for advice, help, background information -- things that
will help make me a more informed guy...

anyway, back to the list...

Brad King

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