[MUD-Dev] Text Muds vs Graphical Muds

Elia Mörling <elia@familjen.se> Elia Mörling <elia@familjen.se>
Tue Jun 18 10:00:47 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Philip Loguinov (Draymoor)

> Is it better advertising, or perhaps that there are just more
> people who's preference is graphical over imaginative?

This is a very interesting discussion. I am working on the online
rpg Tildr uin that we like to see as a hybrid between text mud and
graphical muds. In fact we hope to combine the very best of text
muds and graphical muds. The standard conf iguration of the world
view is equally divided between text and graphics. The graphic s is
very minimalistic making room the players imagination. The player
can choose to interact with the game through a traditional mud text
interface or point-and-click. I believe most players will develop a
mixed style of play, selecting the best method at hand.  The game
will be free to play, free from ads, and we look forward to openin g
at the end of 2002.

I am pretty sure most of you would class Tildruin a graphical
mud. It would however be interesting to hear if you believe we will
succeed in our ambitions of p roviding a user experience that lies
somewhere between a text based mud and a graphica l mud like EQ. I
find the fact that you seek to polarize text and graphical muds, and
we strive to combine their user experiences interesting.

Elia / Shailejron

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