[MUD-Dev] New Skotos Columns

Shannon Appelcline shannona at skotos.net
Tue Jun 18 16:50:14 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

We've recently added a couple of new columns to the Skotos articles
archive. These newest pieces are more closely tied to live game play
or live game staffing. The authors are also all from the MUSHing
community, which will hopefully offer a different perspective on

Here's the columns in short:


  Player's Column. From the Basement is a column for players of
  multi-user text games. It aims to give newcomers an idea of what
  they're getting themselves into as well as to provide advice on
  how to get the most out of time spent online. Kathy Pulver has
  been roleplaying since the late 1980s and MU*ing since 1999. In
  addition to gaming she also moderates and maintains the Idealistic
  Gamers website, a forum for the constructive discussion of MU*


  Player's Column.The Medium is a monthly column that focuses on the
  triumphs and tribulations of MUSH as a medium and its players as a
  community. Columnist Karrin Dailey was first introduced to MUSH in
  1993, and has several years' experience as a player, staff member,
  and game designer.


  Staff Column. Weaving Storylines discusses character and
  plot-building as well as player-staff relations and other areas
  where In Character and Out of Character overlap, sometimes in a
  sarcastic and humorous manner. All bitterness should be taken with
  a grain of salt, since Amanda Celly started MUSHing in 1995, and
  has a few war stories to share. Though she's almost exclusively a
  World of Darkness=99 MUSH denizen, most of the topics discuss ed
  in the column will be handled as generally as possible, so as to
  have the widest possibly applicability.

These columns join five others that currently compromise the Skotos
Articles archive.


  Industry, Engineering, and Design Columns. Current offerings
  include: Biting the Hand, a column about the entire MMORPG
  industry, by Jessica Mulligan; Notes from the Dawn of Time, a
  column about engineering MUDs, by Richard Bartle; Trials, Triumphs
  & Trivialities, a far-ranging column about game design, by Shannon
  Appelcline; Building Stories, Telling Games, an online RPG design
  column by Travis Casey; and In the Trenches, a column about
  designing games for Skotos Tech, by Laurel Stuart.

We're also always looking for new columnists. If you'd like to share your
own ideas in a growing forum about gameplay, gamedesign, and gamestaffing, 
drop me a line.


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