[MUD-Dev] It's About Time Department (Mule Characters)

ghovs ghovs at plex.nl
Wed Jun 19 02:06:53 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tuesday 18 June 2002 06:22, John A. Bertoglio wrote:

> The recently released RPG from Microsoft has an unusual solution
> to "mule" characters. They allow you to add a real mule to your
> party! This the first time I have seen this in a game. Of course,
> a mule uses a slot that could be occupied by another fighter or
> magic user but the convience of not having to stop quests to
> unload loot is worth the loss of firepower. The mule tends to hang
> back in combat but has a fairly potent rear hoof kick attack (as
> well as amusing animations) and high hitpoints that allow it to be
> fairly self-sufficient in combat. The mule gets experience and
> improves its skills with time just like any other character in the
> game.

> The use of pack mules (or pack "anything else" animals) in muds
> allows for a portable "house/locker/chest" without the persona
> needing to be burdened with adventuring gear. Seems like a good
> idea.

It seems like a great idea, yes... but why make this a group member,
when it is unlikely to be anything else than a single player's
property? It seems a bit annoying when you were to have (for
example) three players with a mule who can't group because the group
limit is five, and their mules count as group members. And no, the
possibility of storing your mule isn't making it less annoying.

I can't really find a good justification for mules counting as group
members. Most summoned critters tend to just hang around a player,
instead of fill a group slot, while in various games such summoned
pets can do more damage than the player bringing it forth.

It seems to me like a good idea ruined by a nonsensical twist to the

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