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At 10:09 AM 16/06/02 -0400, "Derek Licciardi" <kressilac at insightBB.com> wrote:

> This has not been our experience.  I have a business degree and
> the team and I have put together a strong argument for the game.
> The investors realize this most of the time.  We have the team,
> the product, the focus and the management skills to pull it off.
> None of the investors we've talked to have argued these points.
> What they argue is that they don't have the experience in the
> industry and as my other post points out, choose to invest
> elsewhere because their risk assessment is easier.  (this lends
> well to your powergamer theory) In this respect it would seem that
> it is the VCs that need to get educated about our industry and not
> the other way around.  As it stands right now, they do not have
> the ability to "see" the opportunity because the industry is so
> alien to them.

The only VC investment I can think of in an online game project
involves, as I understand it, a VC who happens to be a keen online
gamer - an atypical situation.

More typically, VCs have plenty of proposals offered to them in
areas they already (think they) understand.  As a result, they only
"need" to educate themselves about online gaming if they want to
invest in it.  If they don't, which is the predominant situation,
the onus is on the would-be seller, not the potential buyer.

If I'm a VC and I already have a bunch of proposals in the areas I
already understand, what need is there for me to learn about another
area I don't?


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