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Wed Jun 19 09:59:01 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

According to Valerio Santinelli:

> The pack-mule solution has not been judged that great by players
> of Dungeon Siege. The mule is actually a real dumb character (as
> it should be) and whatever you drop on the mule is usually not
> worth to bring around. Probably the real problem isn't the mule
> itself but

Dungeon Siege suffers a lot from dumbass AI. You have to tweak the
settings a lot to get a semi-smart party (in single-player mode)
that doesn't get in positions and situation where you hit pause
every half a second.

Plus the situations you get in consist of a lot of triggered traps
spawns where you get ambushed from behind (and the first thing the
mob notice is your phat mule).

> the way your characters can find items and powerful weapons and
> armours along the quests. It's pretty easy to find magical weapons
> and whatever you carry with the mule drops value very fast and
> becomes crap in no time. And you can use spells to turn items into

It has also the common failing of all computer RPGs I've seen around
(at least the single player campaign), namely, that after a while,
you swim in cash. Dropped loot is a source of encumbrance, an
endless bother of shape management (damn, I play this to go around,
not to play the "assemble the squares and rectangles to fit" game).

Ok, I chiefly played it "ala Diablo". After swearing a lot about the
dumbness of the party AI, I ditched my original party, and ended up
doing the single-player campaign solo. Probably not recommended at
"hard" level, but definitely doable. I never ever kept any loot,
except those that could upgrade me past the first two chapters
(ended the game with 4 million golds, and nothing to spend it on).

The packmule is a nice gimmick, though.

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