[MUD-Dev] ADMIN: VC thread -- Consider Meta

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Thu Jun 20 00:50:08 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Writing as list owner:

  The VC thread is at best on the margins of topic and that's being
  generous.  However, it is also potentially useful to list members so I
  don't want to quash it.  So:

  Please move posts to the VC thread to the Meta list:


  The list address is meta at kanga.nu.  Those of you interested in the VC
  thread may wish to ensure you're subscribed to Meta so as to follow it
  when/as it moves over.

  I won't move/redirect the thread for you.  This one is up to you.
  Again, I have no interest in killing the thread, just in relocating it
  to somewhere more topical.


    Meta is usually low traffic with occasional bursts of a dozen
    messages a week, but with most weeks having no messages.  Please see
    the archives for a sense of what normally goes on there and typical
    traffic levels.


    Unlike MUD-Dev, Meta is usually not a moderated list, and is not
    intended to be moderated.  Specifically I don't moderate Meta for
    topic.  Meta is currently moderated as a temporary added protection
    against the current KLEZ virus mess.  Given the controls I now have
    in place I should be turning off the moderation flag on Meta in the
    next few days.

    I regularly redirect not-quite-MUD-Dev messages from MUD-Dev to

    Job listings (wanted or offered) are posted to Meta first.

    Threads can also move from Meta to MUD-Dev, and have before.

    You can help by constructively moving threads between Meta and
    MUD-Dev by redirecting your own replies to the appropriate list as
    threads develop.  Among other things this will gain you thanks from
    those already having trouble keeping up with MUD-Dev traffic.


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