[MUD-Dev] Animals, Animal Handling, and Unexpected Side Effects

Michelle Elbert michelf at silverspoonandpaperplate.com
Thu Jun 20 09:40:38 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "shren" <shren at io.com>

> dungeon.  As each trap went off, another sheep (perhaps many)
> bought the farm, and the party went on to the center of the
> dungeon, in relative saftey and with as much fresh mutton as they
> could carry.

> Has anyone observed this behavior or something like it in a mud?
> UO has both detect traps and herding as skills, perhaps other
> games do as well.

Ha!  That's amusing.  In my old Tabletop group, we gennerally used
to chuck copper pieces insead of sending something in.  (We used to
do all kinds of thing with copper pieces.)  And in Infinety Engine
games (Balder's Gate series, Ice Wind Dale), I would use pretty much
that tactic if I was in a hurry.  Like using Monser Summoning 1 and
sending them off to traps I didn't want to risk killing my Rogue

The thing is, when you take the posetion of an animal or other NPC
in a computer game, the game world "knows" that it's yours.  Do the
traps themselves in whatever game or MU* differenciate between
player owned units and ones that are just there?

If you can somehow get the sheep into the dungon without taking
control of it will it still set the trap off?

michelf at silverspoonandpaperplate.com

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