[MUD-Dev] It's About Time Department (Mule Characters)

Kwon Ekstrom justice at softhome.net
Thu Jun 20 11:42:57 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On 18th June, 2002, Raph Koster wrote:

> UO had pack animals back in 1997. :) I'd be surprised if there
> weren't text muds with the feature...?

Playing diku muds, the feature wasn't really necessary.  Every pet
I've ever had I could "order" thus...

  give <x> <pet>
  order <pet> give <x> <me>
  order <pet> drop all


I remember on a circlemud giving charmies with large amounts of hp
good damroll eq and a good weapon for better effect (and also a
little bug which let you charm shopkeepers and use them as tanks cuz
they couldn't take damage)

Then you'd strip the charmie of the eq when you were done.

I've not seriously played many other DIKU varieties and I've never
actually done this on a SMAUG (I always had more than enough storage
on-hand...) but I'm sure it's quite possible.  The only thing
missing is a "pet" specifically designed for such a task.

-- Kwon J Ekstrom

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