[MUD-Dev] Re: The Future of MMOGs... what\'s next?

Jeff Lindsey Jeff at nextelligence.com
Fri Jun 21 08:50:19 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Adam wrote:
>Vincent wrote: 
>> And Dungeon Siege was there first.

> Was it? So far, unless I'm behind the times, the DS editor is out
> but the game cannot yet play anything that was edited. Which was
> first to allow you to make your own worlds that someone can
> actually play?

I've been messing with Siege Editor a fair bit, and the latest patch
for the game allows player maps to be loaded and tested (if not
played in their entirety, I'm still piecing something decent
together). As it's my first editing tool experience, I can't offer
comparisons, but it's very easy to use and script in (coming from an
ActionScript background) for modding. The real question is what is
the point in modding such a limited game?

Just picked up my copy of NWN, and after playing multi for a few
hours with some friends, I'm already eager to delve into their
toolset; the game depth is ten times that of DS, which I consider to
be Diablo with a really nice camera engine. :)


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