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Valerio Santinelli tanis at mediacom.it
Fri Jun 21 10:17:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: "Rudy Fink" <rudyfink at owlnet.rice.edu>
> On Tue, 18 Jun 2002, Valerio Santinelli wrote:

>> The pack-mule solution has not been judged that great by players
>> of Dungeon Siege. The mule is actually a real dumb character (as
>> it should be) and whatever you drop on the mule is usually not
>> worth to bring around. Probably the real problem isn't the mule

> I thought that the mule was a well done feature.

> I agree that the mule was largely unecessary to gaming through DS,
> but I think it added a worthwile element.  Regardless of whether
> they kept or dropped the mule, most folks I have talked to about
> it enjoyed its presense.

Yes, the pack-mule is a fun addition to the game. What hurts is the
fact that it was pretty useless in Dungeon Siege itself. You could
get around the game without the mule because there's no need to
carry around unused equipment since you become rich quite fast and
you no longer need to sell things to have some cash to spend on
weapons, armours, spells, etc..

> If anything, the mule helped distract me from the story element of
> the game.

The story.. eheh.. Dungeon Siege wasn't that bad for the story. The
problem is that you can play the game without caring about the story
at all.. just play like if it was Diablo.. ;)

On the other hand I've had the chance of seeing Neverwinter Nights
in action on a friend of mine's PC. I've still got to get deeper
into the game, but the first impression is really bad. I'm waiting
some days before saying anything more.

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