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Nathan F. Yospe yospe at kanga.nu
Mon Jun 24 02:08:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

Brian Lindahl <lindahlb at hotmail.com> said:
> From: "Crosbie Fitch" <crosbie at cyberspaceengineers.org>

>> Out of curiosity, what was that post & group that sparked your
>> interest?

> I beat myself up over losing the link all the time. I wish I still
> had it in my favorites list. If I manage to find it, I'll post it
> on here, but I'm sure, if I even do, it'll be quite a ways down
> the road. I can offer a little bit of information on the post,
> from what I remember:

> It was posted by a coder working on a sci-fi MUD, with said
> system. He said he had a prototype finished, and had been testing
> it out, but he never posted a connection site, so I'm a bit
> skeptical. He did post a "log" of what it would look like when
> finished. And personally, I'm also a bit skeptical because it
> appeared to be too advanced to simply be a prototype, so I think
> he drew up a log of what he'd want it to look like. Anyhow, you
> may try searching along the lines of movement, region, polygon,
> border, etc. in the alt.mud.programming google.com group.

And I almost deleted this thread unread...

It was, as I have admitted on posts on this list at times past, a
little bit of a rigged demo.  I edited the text elements for both
scenarios to fit the output assembler, which should have produced
a somewhat less 'good writing' effect otherwise...

I haven't worked in text output in quite a while, and text input,
while interesting, doesn't have the urgent appeal it once did.  I
must admit that I've been following the phoneme handling posts of
the last month with great attention, because I agree with Raph on
the future... but almost all of the work I've done recently (more
than a couple of years) has been experimental server/client model
simulation synchronization, motivated largely by a "don't trust a
client" imperative combined with an obsession for broad spectrum,
unrestricted, simulated worlds.

Funny thing is, I completely failed to put together the usenet as
google.com groups and historical posts thing... I thought someone
was doing current work on something I never quite finished...

I do have huge amounts of paper documentation left from that era,
including some of the algorithmic work, but the only copy of that
source code is on a non-readable Jaz disk, and I don't consider a
bunch of prototype code (that I've outgrown in the years since) a
resource worth the hundreds of dollars for recovery.

Let's hear it for CD-R and cheap, redundant backup archives.


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