[MUD-Dev] Re: The Future of MMOGs... what\'s next?

Koster Koster
Thu Jun 27 08:30:40 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: Jeff Freeman
> burra at alum.rpi.edu wrote:
>> Was it? So far, unless I'm behind the times, the DS editor is out
>> but the game cannot yet play anything that was edited. Which was
>> first to allow you to make your own worlds that someone can
>> actually play?
> UO.

Rewind back to early 1998:

  I wanted to release a suite of tools for UO. Specifically, release
  a standalone Windows server (unencumbered by all the multiserver
  cluster stuff--we had one for internal development), the script
  language documentation, a few standard templates, the 3d map tool,
  the 2d map tool, and probably bundle in InsideUO. In fact, our
  palette editor was actually written by a player who reverse
  engineered the data structure, and came up with a better tool than
  what we had in-house.

  Then I wanted to make it so that those independent games were not
  accessible directly, that you had to connect via redirection from
  a main UO server.  We'd let players place structures that were red
  moongates, and when you stepped through one, it would connect you
  to that player's private server.  Characters could be copied TO
  but from FROM private servers.

  Make it so that patching was done after account validation, and
  presto, people would pay subscription fees in order to visit
  player servers. It probably would have only been a couple of
  months of work to do.

The execs wouldn't go for it...


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