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Sasha Hart Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu
Thu Jun 27 11:05:18 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

[Eric Leaf]

> So, other than forcing the player under threat of death by
> starvation, how do you get food and other necessities of life into
> a game and reward the player without boredom to take part in that
> action?

You don't. The pleasure of eating is like the pleasure of
sleeping. If I'm tired, logging onto a MUD and typing "sleep" does
nothing for me whatsoever. Even if you made eating in the mud into a

  BBS door game style:
  > "Steer the cinnamon roll, @, into your mouth, O, using 
  > the cursor keys!"

  D&D style:
  > "Digestion roll: 19 target: 21.
  > Your tummy feels funny.

rewarded frequent eating ("Your enormous size entitles you to a 10%
experience bonus!"), etc. You would only be getting people to type
"eat," not offering them the pleasant parts of eating.

That said, some people have bothered to put elaborate messages on
food when it is eaten. You might also look to roleplayers - when
left to their own devices, I have often noticed MUSH players sitting
around in "bars" and "drinking"; the same pattern of social activity
might work with eating as well. Still, it's the kind of thing that
happens spontaneously when people are bored; a game which centered
around it in any way would go out the window as far as I'm

Maybe I'm missing something, however.

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