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On Thu 20 Jun, Yannick.Jean at wrote:

> Why does so many developper consider "Role playing" a
> better/deeper style of play than "Achievement"?

For two reasons, mostly. First achievement is always finite. This
means that at some point a player reaches the end of the achievemnet
scale, and is likely to either cease playing, or become an obstacle
to other, newer, players.  Roleplaying, on the other hand, does not
have such an in-built end of the game.

The other reason that I can think of is that a role playing game
makes it easier for the players to get immersed in, and for a game
designer that is more appealing. A game that pulls you in is like
reading a book that you can not put down, and creating something
like that is a boost to the ego, even if it requires just as much
skill to create a well ba- lanced achievement oriented game.

> Hey, I really do love to roleplay but achieving something is very
> much what becoming a hero is all about. Maybe achievement has been
> badly implemented in MMORPG so far (as in often mindless and
> repetitive), but this is no reasons to say that kind of play is
> any "shallower" than any others.

I do not think anybody meant to say that achievement oriented games
are by necessity shallow, but I think that by broadening the
available ac- tivities for the players, you end up with a game that
is all in all mo- re entertaining than a game that relies on a
single activity.

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