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Sasha Hart Sasha.Hart at
Thu Jun 27 21:22:49 New Zealand Standard Time 2002


> For two reasons, mostly. First achievement is always finite. This
> means that at some point a player reaches the end of the
> achievemnet scale, and is likely to either cease playing, or
> become an obstacle to other, newer, players.  Roleplaying, on the
> other hand, does not have such an in-built end of the game.

I agree.

Perhaps achievements can take other forms. For example, one can win
a game of chess, become a good chess player, or participate in
tournaments of chess. One can gamble or play the stock market and
build up money. There is nothing that says we have to either give in
to basically not providing any kind of game (e.g. a pure-roleplaying
"game") or to providing a leveling game.

In this sense I don't agree. Unlimited achievement in the sense of
playing a repeatable game (pong, chutes and ladders, football) is
easily engineered. More intriguing but difficult is the possibility
of unlimited achievement in the sense of ongoing resource management
(a la stock market).

In this case, I mean intentionally - not the unintentional but
ubiquitous persistent struggles in mud administration, getting
attention, getting respect, getting a reaction, getting aroused,
etc. etc. which inevitably seem to arise and even take center stage
on games which are ostensibly about role playing and nothing else.


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