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Sanvean sanvean at ginka.armageddon.org
Sat Jun 29 00:08:34 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, John Szeder wrote:

> Do any of you who require email addresses for your games ever
> bother to set up filters to reject free email accounts?

When I started on staff at our MUD, we didn't take addresses from
any free email provider, as well as AOL, which allowed a user to
create several different addresses. We stopped doing this a few
years ago, with the following results:

  a) more players, since some of them only had access to free email

  b) less waste of staff time banning new free email sites as they

  c) less of my time wasted on answering complaints or requests that
  were related to free email issues

As for the multi-players...well, we've made it easier for some, but
if someone's being stupid about things, generally eventually someone
will catch them. And if someone is willing to put time and ingenuity
into multiplaying, I'd rather let them do it than spend a lot of
mine in thwarting him.

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