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Sean Page spage at twinmoons.org
Sat Jun 29 16:56:05 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

> From: eric
> From: "Sasha Hart" <Sasha.Hart at directory.reed.edu>
>> [Eric Leaf]
>>> So, other than forcing the player under threat of death by
>>> starvation, how do you get food and other necessities of life
>>> into a game and reward the player without boredom to take part
>>> in that action?

Greetings all - I've been reading this list for a while, but this is
my first post, so thought I'd send out a blanket 'hello'!

As for the question of food production -- I have a passion for
simulation and system balance, and consequently my mud is based very
much on an active socio-economic system. And I, too, hate the
prospect of killing a player for not eating.

My solution is to provide a 'hunger' statistic that ranges from
"starving" to "satiated".  It takes a full game week (just over two
real days) of no food consumption to reach starving from satiated. A
player can't *die* from having not eaten in days in my game world,
but once he drops below a certain level of hunger, he becomes
'distracted' by it.  Consequently, he loses a proportionate degree
of Concentration, which affects To-Hit, Evade/Dodge, Cast, etc

I haven't opened for public testing yet, so I can't tell you if this
system is going to work, but it's the best system I could come up

Hope this helps,

Sean Page
spage at twinmoons.org
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