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Sun Jun 30 21:56:45 New Zealand Standard Time 2002

From: eric <ericleaf at pacbell.net>
> From: "Sasha Hart"
>> [Eric Leaf]

> I'm not at all trying to center a game around eating. The only
> real drive in this manner is that in a game where you have trades,
> an obvious one would be a farmer. And giving the two options of
> either having food or not having food, only one of those would
> make a farmer useful. My personal belief is that food/food
> production is the most basic component of an economic system.  So
> assuming I can create some identifiable purpose to eat food, and
> then some enjoyable experience to grow and sell food, I will get
> the foundation of a good economic system.

One possible compromise is to let players attract NPC helpers to
their cause.  (Atriarch has something it calls 'natives' which are
basically NPC's who follow/swear allegience to a player.)  Feeding
NPCs lots of food may be one way to attract them to your cause.  If
conflicts over resources tend to rely more on how many NPCs you
control than on how many hit points you have, now food has a
definite utility without having characters keel over and die when
they forget to bring a slice of bread on an long adventure.


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