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Matthew Dobervich matthew.dobervich2 at
Wed Jan 1 02:51:38 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Amanda Walker wrote:

> Based knowing a number of people who went from
> MUD->EQ->AC1->DAOC->AO->AC2->Neocron->?, I'm beginning to think
> that "bolting to the next alternative" has become a game in and of
> itself.  If you do well enough in game N, you get invited to the
> beta for game N+1 ("the next level"), where you can be first to do
> any number of things and race to the "end" before the taxi meter
> starts...

> In short, they are playing a growing MM LARP called "gank gaming
> companies for free play" :-).

I get a kick out of this point of view, that it's some great
privilege to provide a company producing a persistent world free
quality assurance work.

What I see in the number of people who "game hop" (I'm in this
number BTW) is a commentary on the state of these worlds and how FAR
they have to go to provide an alternative existence, because in the
end, that's what they really have to offer.

Anyway, it's a little off topic but you're one of my list "must
reads" Amanda.  <grin> Keep it coming.
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