[MUD-Dev] Requirements for MM (was Complexities of MMOGServer s)

Koster Koster
Wed Jan 1 18:17:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: Jon A. Lambert

> Would anyone who plays an MM* or MMU*s be caught dead on a MMUD?
> Or does the old M* now cover everything.
> I've been having acronym and regex overload for some time now. ;-)

I still like mud. All lower-case, as a suitable overview of the
field. With MUSH, MOO, Diku, and LP as useful terms for clusters of
design choices (quite divorced from their technical meaning; though
when I use LP it's usually to indicate a technical architecture
approach, not a gameplay style since most LPs have essentially a
Dike approach to gameplay). And I have taken to using the
nonsensical "MMO" as a term for massive commercial games.

In looking at current games, it's very evident that most of them are
Diku-style games, with a recurrent tack of creating graphical MOOs
that all seem to fail to garner a large commercial audience (perhaps
unsurprising, as my sense of mud populations in the early 90s was
that MOO0like games as a category had less players).

The only MUSH-like "MMO" games out there that I know of are
Underlight and A Tale in the Desert.


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