[MUD-Dev] Questions about my MUD design

Christer Enfors qinxenc at ks.ericsson.se
Thu Jan 2 08:37:16 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Timothy Dang <tdang at BPA.Arizona.EDU> writes:
> On Wed, 11 Dec 2002, Christer Enfors wrote:
>> There will be no classes or levels, only stats and skills, both of
>> which improve with use.

>> There will be an extensive tradeskill system. This is how all
>> equipment enters the world. NPCs will not be born carrying any
>> "loot". If they want equipment, they'll have to buy it from a
>> local producer like the rest of us.
> These two features can interact badly. The potential problem is
> that players will practice lots by making stuff, and thereby flood
> the market with stuff, which may be given away or sold below
> cost. That would make it very difficult to actually make a living
> by selling these things.

I was planning on at least partially solving this problem by
introducing a "recycling" skill. This skill would allow people to
recycle items, in effect converting it back into some percentage of
the raw materials used to create it. Hopefully, people practicing
tradeskills will generally recycle most of their own "practice"
products immediately, in order to reclaim the raw materials to
practice with some more.

> One trick which EQ used for their spell-scroll tradeskill at least
> was to allow practicing via using cheaper inputs that produced no
> real output. So, if you're just practicing for practice, and not
> to sell stuff, you just spend some money to practice, and there's
> no market flooding.

Hmm, yes, that's also a very viable approach. Thanks for the tip.

Christer Enfors

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