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On Wednesday 01 January 2003 10:07, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote:
> From: "Amanda Walker" <amanda at>

>> Based knowing a number of people who went from
>> MUD->EQ->AC1->DAOC->AO->AC2->Neocron->?, I'm beginning to think
>> that "bolting to the next alternative" has become a game in and
>> of itself.

> When wasn't it? Don't we all know one packrat who owns every major
> PNP system and half of the minor ones? (You can usually spot this
> guy by asking whether he owns "The Arduin Grimoire".)

Yes, you all do -- that would be me.  :-)

I'll note, though, that there's a fundamental difference here -- PNP
systems require only a one-time expenditure of money, where most of
the MMORPGs named above require continuing payment in order to be
able to play.  I know quite a few heavy PNP gamers who regularly
play three, four, or more different systems, and who play several
others irregularly.

On the computer side of things, I've seen the same behavior with
solo games and with free online games -- players who play multiple
games on a regular, recurring basis.

Where there's a continuing expenditure of money needed, though, it's
harder for players to justify to themselves playing multiple games
-- especially when the games are "unlimited time" for your fee.

> One of the things I'm waiting for is the ability to log in and
> play for a few hours a week, instead of a few hours a day, and
> still be able to compete. I'll probably play a few hours a day,
> but if I need to take a week off for some reason, I don't want to
> come back and discover that the world has moved on without me and
> I can't catch up.

I think that's part of it as well.  PNP games are generally played
with a group, which often meets as often as the player who can meet
the least often can meet.  Thus, there's not the same "falling
behind" problem with playing in multiple games.

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