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Fri Jan 3 05:57:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

From: "Matthew Dobervich" <matthew.dobervich2 at>
> Amanda Walker wrote:

>> In short, they are playing a growing MM LARP called "gank gaming
>> companies for free play" :-).

> I get a kick out of this point of view, that it's some great
> privilege to provide a company producing a persistent world free
> quality assurance work.

I get a kick out of the point of view that many publishers have the
days, that betas are simply public relations tools because
uncontrolled beta audiences tend to be non-sophisticated testers.
And so let's make betas even more uncontrolled.  ;-)

I could just as easily decide that quiet dinner parties are a waste
of time because everytime I threw one I walked down lower main
street tapping every fifth person to come have free drinks and food.
And those ungrateful wretches sucked down my stuff, trashed my
house, and gave me a bad rep as a host.  I should have thrown a
kegger instead! :-)

Dave Scheffer
"Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself"

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