[MUD-Dev] Enforcing roleplay on small muds

Arnau RossellX CastellX arocas at alumni.uv.es
Fri Jan 3 18:51:17 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Oliver Newland wrote:

> I'm not going to lie and say that I'm really into RP MUDs, but I
> don't think this would be too fun for anybody.

>   > tell Spartacus "sup"
>   You lose 20 coins for using the word "sup".
>   NotSpartacus tells you: "sup"
>   > tell NotSpartacus "nothing"
>   Incomplete Sentence. Lose 50 coins.

> Maybe I don't understand the ideas behind paranoia; maybe this is
> the formula for grade-A fun. To me, it would make more sense to
> log only public channels (if that). Strict enforcement of
> arbitrary rules (RPing is arbitrary - one person's idea of RP may
> not be another's) could make the game feel like a chore. Watch out
> for that.

Well, the original idea is that each player has one acount(difficult
in itself to policy, as discussed before on this list), with a
public name, and then from this account several characters can be
created, with no obvious relation to the account(to other player);
There will be full IRC capabilities where you can log with your
account name and chat out of character. Then when you're playing a
character you'll be able to communicate using in game channels, that
will be obviously in character.  The separation between account and
characters has to be strong, because given that paranoia is a game
that fosters mistrust, ill will and backstabbing between characters,
there's no way a "community" could form in-game(besides, it would be
treason!); I hope giving enough OOC channels and complete separation
between accounts/characters will help on that.

IC logging is important, not only for policies but because i want
the game to revolve around it, with players recording incriminating
speech, and taking things out of context to nail other
players. Logging OOC channels stems from the problem that paranoia
doesn't work well if people organize beyond the reach of the game
master, altough i'm not sure if that will work(or if there is
something that will work); That's why i want to learn from the
experiences of other admins.

> P.S. Politically incorrect speech? Didn't we get over that hump a
> few years ago?

I'm refering to in-game politically incorrect speech; You see in
paranoia the world is ruled by a almost omnipotent, almost
omniscient, almost sane supercomputer, and there are things(many
things, like trees) that people aren't supposed to know, or think,
about;knowing about them is clear sign of murky activities and


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