[MUD-Dev] Persistent worlds in NWN (was: Retention without Addiction?)

Louis d'Ambra loyus at ifrance.com
Sun Jan 5 04:42:42 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Hi everyone,

I just joined the list, so i'll start by introducing myself. I am
Louis from Paris, France, 20 years old. Prolly one of the youngest
here but a quiet guy. First of all please excuse my approximative
english, i learned it fully from RPGs/MUDs and internet.

I was trying to gather useful information about muds via google when
i noticed i had bookmarked like 10 messages from the archives here,
just by clicking links on the results page and watching without
taking attention.

I just tought : "It's strange, websites with yellow background tend
to be more interesting than the average". Of course i quickly
realized all this stuff came from kanga, then i went for a 3 hours
non-stop read of the archives and others articles (i am not over,
but quite tired now).  So, until you seem to be interesting people,
i've decided to invite you to my mailbox : welcome here, nice to
meet you :)

What's more, my first intention was to answer some old NWN posts, as
i am currently working myself on a PW, based on Islands/Legends of
Kesmai (but not making a carbon copy).

Matthew Dobervich wrote :

> It will be interesting to see how these worlds grow and mature.  I
> have a feeling the speed of game world evolution will continue to
> outpace commercial MMORPGs, it is yet to be seen if they overtake
> commercial games in time.

All we can do is pray Bioware, their current policy seems more
oriented on the solo & mp campaign of the game. I believe the
persistent worlds could be the true engines of this game, and they
really lack the tools right now (db).

Paradoxically, the great anticipation who brought the commercial
success also brought the major disappointements. I myself remember
dreaming about the "virtually infinite world" when waiting for nwn
while watching the FAQ, the concept of modules connected between
them via portals was just brillant. I was already imagining some
"MUDs network", so you travel with some friends from realm to realm
and never get bored, i visited many great projects website like
ALFA. But when NWN came out, everything crashed down.

All the theory was good about this game, but now it'll take more
than just adding some tilesets or prestige classes to make NWN what
it HAS to be. I hope Bioware will understand that quickly.

  (btw, if the advertising below bother you, i may switch email).

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