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Hulbert Hulbert
Mon Jan 6 16:43:02 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Szii [mailto:szii at] wrote"

> Having a few people dedicated to constant revamps of zones, mobs
> etc would pay off in the long run.  We always chat about AI and
> fields of bunnies and farming... the best "I" is on a real person.
> How much effect could 2 people dedicated to simply moving spawn
> points, quests, etc around in game X have?  Not even zone revamps,
> just moving the placement of non-static objects.  Maybe changing
> up the models or even the mobs in a given area.  Move the pathing
> nodes around.  Two people full time could make a MASSIVE world of
> difference in just keeping the game fresh and challenging for the
> players.

I have often thought of using in game "gods" for this capacity.
Give a couple of people access to statistics on the current game:
how many of their followers have died or increased in level, quotes
from a "pray" command, the current level of advancement of each
god's perview, etc.  Then give them some method of making changes to
the game, whether it be "blessings," or the simple movement of mobs
as above.  Maybe allow them to create some quests and rewards.

I generally figure to work it with 2 gods, good and evil, with bad
controling most of the mobs, and good generally acting in favor of
the players.

Of course, having never worked out the specifics, it sounds just as
good as strong AI :) The devil is in the details.


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