Brand Loyalty (was Re: [MUD-Dev] Requirements for MM (wasComplexities of MMOG Servers))

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at
Tue Jan 7 10:39:05 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

"Koster, Raph" wrote:

>   a mud without a treadmill will fail


> But I think our time would be well-spent by investigating why the
> above statements seem to be true, rather than decrying those who
> hide behind them without critical self-evaluation.

I figured I'd start my investigation by trying to pick your brain on
the subject. ;)

I think you know that I don't like treadmills, but perhaps more
importantly, treadmill-oriented games have not been able to keep my
attention or subscription past a month or two.  In my case, a mud
*with* a treadmill has always failed.  Does that mean I'm not human? 

To me, treadmills speak of futility.  That is, you are constantly
exerting yourself but never get anywhere.  I might be able to accept
that a mud without a journey will fail, but I'd really like to
understand why a treadmill is essential to a mud's success.  Or do
you simply mean that we don't have the resources or content to give
players a decent journey and must settle for treadmills as this
point in mud evolution?


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