[MUD-Dev] Star Wars Galaxies: 1 character per server

Paul Schwanz pschwanz at comcast.net
Tue Jan 7 10:59:31 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Dave Rickey wrote:

> You do *not*, under any circumstances, want to be telling a
> potential customer "You can't play with your friends."  If they
> want to go to server X because they have friends there, you do
> *not* have a good reason to tell them no.

What if they want to go to Realm X.  Under any circumstances would
there be a good reason to tell them they couldn't play a character
in Realm X on a particular server?  It seems to me that DAoC has
decided that there is and I'd agree.  Sometimes these sorts of
restrictions are necessary in order to get the kind of gameplay you
desire.  Realm restrictions are necessary for the sort of RvR
gameplay that DAoC offers.  Players adapt and work around the
restrictions.  The guild I was involved with on DAoC operated on
three different servers because some liked elves and others hated
them, some wanted to play paladins, or some liked to play with pets
and preferred how it was implemented with spiritmasters.
Unfortunately, DAoC didn't have a method for chatting with
guildmembers across servers, a rather large oversight in my opinion,
so it did make things more difficult.  Again, however, we realized
that this was the price of good RvR gameplay and adapted.


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