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Tue Jan 7 11:34:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

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> I'm looking to make a MUD type game in the tradition of the old
> BBS door games and I was wondering if anybody could recommend any
> good papers or books on this sort of system?  I want everybody to
> do their turns and then have the server compute all of the
> pertinent info at night, which I know is a solved problem.
> Any help would be appreciated...


Seems like there was a code set available for Tradewars from Martech
software a while back (http://www.martech.com/) but I think it's all
being handled by Epic Interactive (http://www.eisonline.com/) They
moved away from BBS Doors a while back, but (and I have no
affiliation) they may be able to help out.  They've continued with
the "x turns per day" format though.

IMHO, Tradewars was THE premier BBS door game, closely followed by
Dragon Realms and The Baron's Realm Elite.  =)

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