[MUD-Dev] re: there.com

susan wu susie at arctic.org
Wed Jan 8 13:56:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2003

Apologies if this subject was previously covered in this forum. A
cursory scan of recent thread topics did not indicate any such

After much speculation and intrigue, there.com has finally revealed


There.com appears to be very much a MOO/MUSH-type environment,
focused primarily on chat, and non-specific-life-goal oriented types
of activities. i.e. to some extent, nonhierarchical,
nonstructured. unless there is some subtle way of categorizing /
displaying social hierarchies within this environment that i'm not
aware of.

I was curious as to what people on this list think about their
product/service/business model.  They plan on charging for customer
subscriptions, and also charging for virtual-objects created by
third party vendors (levis, nike) and the community denizens


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